WinWin Conversations Industry Specific Programs

Our industry-specific programs ensure that you are addressing the key issues particular to your role and your industry.

Our facilitators have experience in your industry, so they have experienced the challenges that you have. The case studies that are used are drawn from real-life situations.

  • WinWin Conversations for Retail Bank Managers
  • WinWin Conversations for Business/Corporate Bankers
  • WinWin Conversations for Institutional Bankers
  • WinWin Conversations for Private Wealth Advisors
  • WinWin Conversations for Financial Advisors
  • WinWin Conversations for Engineers
  • WinWin Conversation for Consultants
  • WinWin Conversations for Auditors
  • WinWin Conversations for Tax Specialists
  • WinWIn Conversations for Lawyers
  • WinWin Conversations for Marketing Professionals
  • WinWin Conversations for Advertising Agencies

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This is based on a competitive mindset. It is based on the underlying principle that “if I win, you lose.” It is based on a model that views the world as having scarce resources and the person who has the most “wins” is the person that survives. Many authoritarian leaders use this style in […]


This is based on the victim mindset is sometimes known as the DOORMAT model. This is where we allow ourselves to lose so that the other person wins. People who use this model of communication are keen to please others and try to save the relationship but end up feeling resentful.


The third model of communication is the DESTRUCTIVE model of interaction, where people become so obsessed with winning that they make the other person lose. Unfortunately through the process they also end up losing themselves. In organizations this can manifest as email overload, decision phobia, loss of accountability and low engagement leading to poor performance for […]


WinWin is the DESIRED model of communication. This is based on the premise that although we have different needs and play different roles, we want to be seen as equal. In WinWin Conversations people try to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs. This is based on the assumption that as humans we all have […]