Navigating human connection through a roadmap of WinWin Conversations:

Short Workshop: 1/2 day

Main Topics:

• How to navigate complex and critical conversations by using the 10 main instruments
• How to turn situations around to WinWin Conversations
• How to close the gap between message sent and message received
• How to close the gap between intention and interpretation
• How to uncover real needs as opposed to superficial wants
• How to diffuse aggressive situations
• How to resolve passive-aggressive behavior

• Participants develop a greater confidence that can be used to navigate challenging, complex and critical conversations
• Participants leave with an increased desire to engage in challenging conversations and to resolve these conversations to achieve a WinWin outcome

Suggested audience

• Kicking off a new team structure or direction
• Team off-sites where the focus is on creating greater team cohesion
• Project team kick-off where you want to make sure you start the project on a positive note

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