Tessa O’Rorke
Tessa O’RorkeConsultant at Rezilium

Tessa O’Rorke, a Rezilium consultant, has led a diverse and international life to date. Born in the depths of the South Island of New Zealand, she has lived in many different places including Scandinavia, Asia and Australia.

Tessa has worked with multinational brands including Dulux, Lend Lease and Oticon, and with a number of large not-for-profits. Her most recent role was a one-month volunteering holiday that led to her staying in Northern Thailand for a year leading an anti-human trafficking NGO. Rescuing, sheltering and empowering girls from a life of slavery has been her most life-changing and rewarding leadership challenge so far.

With a passion for people and humanity, Tessa is now working with Rezilium and is excited to be back in her home country bringing leadership and connection training to New Zealand.

Areas of specialization for WinWin:

Sales, Marketing, Agency, Not-For-Profit, Real Estate, Agriculture.